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Expectations for Research Paper – HIS 131 – American History I – DOWNLOAD WORD DOCUMENT


One research paper will be completed during the semester.  It will constitute 20% of a student’s final grade.  Papers will be evaluated for clarity, content, and comprehension.


You will choose a topic in consultation with me.  Papers are expected to be between eight and ten pages in length (typewritten and double-spaced).


Expectations for sources: A minimum of 6 sources (i.e. books, journal articles, encyclopedias, websites, etc.)  You may use no more than one encyclopedia article and one website.  Attach a bibliography (a list of your sources) to your completed paper.  Your bibliography page(s) do not count toward the length of your paper.  If you have questions about how to list your sources, please contact me on an individual basis.


Sample Research Topics: Legacy of Puritan Religion in New England

The Battle of Bunker Hill: Turning Point of the American Rev.?

Education in the Antebellum South

The Rise and Fall of John Adams

The Civil War: Failed Compromises or Irrepressible Conflicts?

Battlefield ER: Field Hospitals of the Civil War


You will notify me of your paper topic no later than: Friday, October 27.


Instructions for paper submission on Blackboard:

  • 1) Click on “Assignments” from the menu on the left
  • 2) Click on “Research Paper Assignment”
  • 3) Click on “Research Paper Assignment” again
  • 4) You should see assignment information like the due date, points possible etc.
  • 5) Look for the button “Browse My Computer”; click on it & attach your paper
  • 6) Click “Submit” button on the bottom right of the page


  • You are given the option to submit your paper to the Global Reference Database; however all papers will be submitted to SafeAssign (an online service that monitors plagiarism).


I will be glad to read rough drafts of your paper and offer comments and suggestions.  I will accept final drafts earlier than the deadline.

Good Luck!


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