31 Journal and Wiki Assignments: Cognitive Development

Module 4 Journal Assignment

This journal assignment aligns with Learning Outcome 1.

The purpose of this assignment is to apply course material to your own development. This will allow you to better appreciate how the information that we learn in this course relates to everyday life.

Journal Instructions

For this week’s journal, you have two options. You only have to complete one of the two options.

  1. Do you feel that Piaget’s theory or Vygotsky’s theory best explains your cognitive development? Why?
  2. As you learned, historical perspectives on intelligence believed that there is a general factor underlying intellectual capabilities. Newer theories believe that there is more than one way to be intelligent. What is your perspective? Do you believe in a g-factor or multiple intelligences? Why? How will your perspective influence how you teach or raise a child?

The journal should show evidence of self-reflection, be free of writing mechanic issues, and provide references in APA format. This assignment is worth 75 points. Please refer to the rubric below for specific requirements for this journal. (1)

Module 4 Wiki Assignment

This Wiki assignment aligns with Learning Outcome 1.


Collaboration is important for learning. In this course, we will use our class Wiki as a way to collaborate. Our Wiki page will allow us to meet asynchronously. We can share all types of files. It will allow us to learn from each other and the resources that we find.

Wiki Collaboration Instructions

The Wiki page has been set up to be open 24/7. This means that you can work whenever you want to. Your mission is to find a course related resource for module six and share it. You should briefly describe the resource and explain how it is related to module six and the milestones achieved in the social development domain. The same resource cannot be shared more than once — so checkout what is already posted. The research can be a website, blog, YouTube video, TedTalk, research article, news article, SlideShare, PowerPoint, or Pinterest board, you get the idea. In addition to posting a resource, you must also say what two other resources posted by your peers you found most educational and why by commenting on their posts. All work should be free of writing mechanic issues. This assignment is worth 75 points. (1)


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