39 Course Assignment

Person Of Interest Speech

This speech will be a 4-5 informative speech in which you will research –and then present—the life of a famous person. You may choose a celebrity, an athlete, a politician, a musician, etc. You may NOT use a relative or personal acquaintance. You may want to focus on that person’s background (childhood), awards, contributions, scandals, etc. This speech is worth 100 points.

An outline is required for this speech. Please use the outline template attached. Do NOT write your speech out word for word. The outline is worth 25 points.

You must use 3 valid research sources for this speech. You will provide these sources in an annotated bibliography. Examples and guidelines for the bibliography can be found under course documents. The annotation for each source should be your evaluation of your source’s usefulness, reliability, and relevance. Each annotation should be 100-150 words. The annotated bibliography is worth 50 points.

This speech requires you to provide a self-review of your presentation. Other students will NOT view your speech. Only you will evaluate your own presentation. Please use the rubric provided under course documents. You cannot simply provide a numerical score for your presentation. You MUST discuss your speech providing comments on your strengths and weaknesses. This self-review is worth 25 points.

This speech will be recorded following the requirements outlined in the syllabus. You may not stop and edit your video. You must let it roll. This will be uploaded to YouTube following the directions provided. (FSCJ has privacy settings so only those permitted to view can review your videos. These videos will not be posted for the public to view.)

Here is a link for how to upload your speech video:

How to Upload Videos to YouTube – The Center for eLearning

Note: If necessary, download the video transcript here.

Once you have uploaded your presentation, go to the dropbox and provide the YouTube link to your speech. The rubric for this speech can be found at the end of the syllabus.


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