55 Course Assignment: Demonstration Speech

This speech will be a 4-5 informative speech in which you will demonstrate a skill. In essence, you will teach us how to do something such as bake a cake, change a tire, install a hard drive, etc. This speech is worth 100 points.

At least one visual aid is required for this speech. Your visual might be a poster, a PowerPoint, another person, or actual objects that you manipulate while speaking.

CAUTIONS: Because you are filming the speech, you may want to choose to teach a skill that allows you to remain somewhat stationary so the camera may see you at all times. Otherwise you will need to have someone operating the camera that can move with you efficiently. Also keep in mind that if you choose to use a PowerPoint, again your camera person must move back and forth between you and your slides effectively. Ensure that you choose a topic that allows you to make eye contact with your audience. You are being graded on your presentation – not your talent. Engage your audience, look at them, and speak clearly.

An outline is required for this speech. Please use the outline template under course documents. Do NOT write your speech out word for word. The outline is worth 25 points.

A bibliography is not required for this speech. There is no self-review for this speech.

This speech will be recorded following the requirements outlined in the syllabus. You may not stop and edit your video. You must let it roll. This will be uploaded to YouTube following the directions provided. (FSCJ has privacy settings so only those permitted to view can review your videos. These videos will not be posted for the public to view.)

Here is a link for how to upload your speech video:

How to Upload Videos to YouTube – The Center for eLearning

Note: If necessary, download the video transcript here.

Once you have uploaded your presentation, go to the dropbox and provide the YouTube link to your speech. The rubric for this speech can be found at the end of the syllabus.


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