35 Discussion Board: Using Sources Effectively

In a well-constructed initial response utilizing the knowledge you gained from the initial readings as well as your own experiences, discuss the following question:

Supporting Your Ideas

In this module, we discussed the five main types of supports that you will typically want to use in your presentations. This discussion gives you the opportunity to listen to a couple of speeches that effectively use some of these supporting materials. After listening to these speeches, answer the related questions, and be prepared to discuss them with your classmates.

  1. The Checkers Speech was a speech given on September 23, 1952 by vice presidential candidate, California Senator Richard Nixon in response to accusations that he had misused campaign funds. He delivered a half-hour television address in which he defended himself. Please listen to the first 2 minutes of that speech using the link below. Note: If necessary, download the audio transcript here.

    Nixon’s Checker Speech (Speech using Testimony)

    1. Is the testimony used in this clip an example of expert or peer testimony? Why do you believe the speaker chose this specific source of testimony? What is the advantage of using testimony for this topic?
    2. Is the use of testimony with this topic an effective support? Why or why not? Does the testimony convince you?
  2. Here is a short 4 minute video of student, Alexandra Kahler, discussing Rhino Poaching. Use the link below to view the speech.

    Speak Out Against Rhino Poaching

    1. The speaker used several different types of supporting material. Which type was most persuasive?
    2. Are the statistics used in this speech effective? Would an audience consider these sources reliable and valid? Why or why not?
    3. What specific information does the speaker give to the audience to identify the source(s) of the statistical data used during the presentation?
    4. Kahler uses several intense images in her speech. Are these images effective in increasing persuasion? Do you think this type of supporting material was more powerful than statistics in her speech?

Please post your response on the Module 4 Discussion Board. In addition to your initial response, please reply to at least two of your peers as well.


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