166 Module 4 Women in Art Written Assignment

Subject: Women In Art / Due : 3/16

Minimum 350 words

Footnotes and minimum of three sources required.

You are not required to use any specific website, or article to succeed in this module. You may always use your own independent research in all the assignments in this module. The websites, articles; and links, in the course are all examples of research done on the topic in this module.

This written assignment is about the Baroque artist, Artemisia Gentileschi, and her painting: Judith and the Head of Holofernes.

Links to Artemisia:


Gentileschi, Judith and Holofernes 




1. This is about the painting Judith and Holofernes. What makes the painting unique? Why is this a particularly appropriate subject for this artist?What about her life made this a very emotional subject for her?

What was the story about that is described in the painting?How did the artist use chiaroscuro to create drama? What is chiaroscuro?

2. Who was the painter Caravaggio?How did his work influence Artemisia, and her father’s art?

Link to Caravaggio:


3. Find one other woman artist from the Renaissance to the present. What are the major themes encountered in her work? Write a brief essay about a women artist that you find on the web.

Link to Women Artists:



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