204 Module 1 Cave Art Venus of Willendorf Written Assignment

Step 1

Research early fertility figures, see the many websites in this module, and in Chapter 2 of the Lumen Text. 

Lumen Learning website         https://courses.lumenlearning.com/arthistory1-91/

Part 1.

Start with the Lumen Learning text_Open Source above to write a 350 word research essay describing what you have learned through your study of the Venus of Willendorf, and other early fertility figures from the Paleolithic.

You may use any articles, videos, or websites devoted to the study of Paleolithic figures.

You must have correct citation for all written essays.

See the Course Information Docs. for writing examples of how to use footnotes, or use the following website:


You should begin your research using the following sources:



Art History Resources on the Web   http://arthistoryresources.net/ARTHLinks.html

Part 2

Research the web for a different image_artwork of a woman.

It can be a photograph, painting, sculpture, etc.

Are there differences, similarities with the Venus of Willendorf?

What does your image say to you about women?

It can be from anywhere in the history of art. I especially am interested in modern works, although you may choose any image to compare, even another fertility figure from the Lumen Learning text.

Include in your 350 word essay a brief statement about the work that you have chosen.

Here is a link to an example:







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