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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo matter where you land on the teaching spectrum, the aim of the Open Courses is opening the door to using and improving the best of free and open materials in creative, collaborative, and innovative ways.

Think of this course as a springboard of peer-reviewed, open content already aligned with outcomes and assessments and delivered with flexibility and accessibility in mind to meet the unique needs of you and your learners. While it’s possible to “adopt” an Open Course exactly as you find it, you can almost always improve your students’ experience by adapting the materials specifically for them.

The course you are now viewing is an Open Course.

OER Attribution on Every Page

You may have already noticed each page’s listing of all open educational resources and their respective open licenses under which each OER has been made available. These attribution statements are a legal requirement of the open licenses and also make these resources freely available for you to use. Thus, please keep the attribution statements intact at the bottom of every page.



How Do I Use an Open Course?

Once the open course is loaded in your learning management system, you can customize and tailor it to meet the specific needs of your particular students. This may include adding, revising, re-ordering or removing materials in order to fit your course learning outcomes and instructional approach. When customizing your course, be sure that:

1) any content you add to the Open Course uses a license that allows you to share it freely, and

2) any content you add is attributed correctly to the author or creator.


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