9 Campus Safety

Campus safety is a concern on all college campuses.  How campuses address the issues of campus crime is readily available.   The Clery Act gives information on how well colleges and universities report crime on campus.  The Act requires that all colleges have an alert system in place as well as crime reporting statistics.  In order to answer the following questions, go to your campus website, search for campus safety, read the information provided.

What are the safety mechanisms on campus? Based on the information given on the college’s website, what would you do in an emergency?  How would you contact security? Please write in complete sentences in your own words. You may not just copy/paste content from the website.

List five categories of crime that are tracked on your campus as a result of compliance with the Clery Act. In order to locate this information, log on to your college’s website, and type “Clery Act Report” in the search box.  You may have to scroll down within the report to find the actual statistics.


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