101 Getting Help on Researching and Writing Your Paper

Researching Your Paper

The HCCC Library has a number of on-line data bases containing articles that may be of use in researching your paper. Here is a link to the data bases that are especially relevant to Government and Sociology:

Link to Social Science Databases

I would especially recommend the following data bases:

CQ Researcher

Custom Newspapers

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Points of View Reference Center

Reader’s Guide Full-Text Select


Writing Your Paper

You can obtain on-line help in writing your paper from the HCCC Academic Support Center. Save your paper as a .doc or .rtf file. Then email a copy of the paper to:



Include a message requesting advice about how to improve the paper. When you receive the feedback, make the recommended changes and then submit the paper to the professor.

This assignment requires a drop box.


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