9 Memo Assessment

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Assessment #1

  1. Create a scenario for a company’s request for a Projection Analysis Timeline. Begin the assignment with a brief summary of the scenario.
  2. Write a Projection Analysis Timeline Memo with a Gantt Chart.


The Projection Analysis must include the following:

  • At least 4 major factors.
  • 4 sections: Introduction, Analysis of Factors, Considerations, Limitations.

The Gantt Chart must illustrate the factors and their corresponding dates.

See the following example:  https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/oerfiles/technical+writing/Example+Memo+Projection+Analysis+Timeline+with+Gantt+Chart.doc


Grading Rationale:

Summary of scenario.

10 out of 100

Content:  The Projection Analysis defines at least 4 major factors. Each factor is worth 5 points each.

20 out of 100

Content: Format includes 4 sections_ Introduction, Analysis of Findings, Considerations, and Limitations, which is presented in an easily accessed technical format.   

See and follow the example.

30 out of 100

Gantt Chart illustrates 4 major factors and corresponding dates.

30 out of 100

Language, punctuation, and sentence structure.

10 out of 100



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