16 Summaries and Responses Assessments

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Submit 3 Summaries/Responses

1. Research the Problem and Solutions for your Feasibility Report. Note that this research is not the same as the research you did for your Problem Analysis.  However, you will be addressing the same problem as you did for your Problem Analysis. While the research for the Problem Analysis focuses on internal data (from the institution requesting the investigation) the Summaries/Responses focuses on external data (from places outside of the institution that requested the investigation) to research how other similar places addressed the same or similar problem.

2. Choose three sources (newspaper articles, commentaries, journal articles, government documents, etc.) and write a summary/response for each. Remember that every sentence in the summary sections need a reference to the source followed by its date of publication. If you used a direct quote, you also need to identify the paragraph number of where the quote appeared. If the source is a pdf file, you need to identify the page number instead of the paragraph number.  

Follow the guidelines for summaries/responses in the Summary and Response section of this course.

For a model, review the Example Summary Response Teldon file.


 Grading Rationale for each Summary/Response:



  • Bibliography Title
  • Summary
  • Response  

20 out of 100



Correctly referencing sources for in-text or parenthetical citations, according to APA.  

35 out of 100



  • Purpose of the article/ Why was the article written?
  • Who was the audience?
  • Did the article meet its purpose?
  • Do you agree with the article?
  • How can you use the information for your purpose?


Remember, if you disagree with the article, you cannot use it to support your purpose.

20 out of 100

Bibliography Title:


All sources are cited in the APA style of documentation.


(This the same APA format you would use to cite sources on a Reference page.)

15 out of 100

Language, punctuation, and sentence structure.

10 out of 100


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