12 Classification and Partition Reports Assessment

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For this assignment you will write a press release announcing a new position. Choose a company name and a position. You will partition the position according job responsibilities and duties.  You must detail  at least 4 job responsibilities.  The begining of the press release release will be the release’s standard information: the title centered, which identifies the purpose of the release; the date of release on the top right margin; and the company’s information on the top left margin.

The first section of the body will detail job requirements: the beginning and closing dates for submitting applications, where and how to submit applications, and other information pertinent to the job. The second section of the body will be the partition: detailing the job according to job responsibilities. The third section of the body will be a description (positive attributions) of your company.

See the example in the following file:



Review the videos in the content module to give you basic information on writing press releases.  Note, however, that the major part of this assignment is to correctly format a partition report. Therefore, make sure you format the third section according to the format discussed in the class Lecture. See the grading rationale.

Grading Rationale:

Title, date of release, complany information  10%
Body: 1st.  section. 30%
Body:  2nd. second. The 2nd secton will include at least 4 job responsibillities. 40%
Body:  3rd. second. 10%
Language, punctuation, and sentence structure. 10%


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