6 Language and Tone Assessment

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If you need help on any of the questions, refer to the readings in the Language and Tone module.

Grading Rationale:

Completed quiz grade is based on 100%.




The full text of the quiz is below.  If you prefer, you can download a Word version of the file here: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/oerfiles/technical+writing/Language+and+Tone+Assessment.docx




Language and Tone Assessment

I. Sexist Language, Biased Language, Excessive Wording, Double Talk, Negative  Language.

Instructions: Identify each sentence as sexist language, biased language, excessive wording, double talk, or negative language, and revise the sentence to show appropriate language.

  1. Please research and select a doctor to introduce the speaker. Make sure that he is familiar with the speaker’s professional studies.
  2. We will interview the women from the secretarial division for the position of manager.
  3. A truck driver needs at least 8 hours of sleep after he has driven for 8 hours.
  4. Please cast your vote for the next councilman as soon as possible.
  5. Although both candidates’ positions appeal to valid reasoning, we need to consider the fallacies in the candidates’ reported research.
  6. We need to choose reconditioned machinery for the parts department. Please select machinery from area A, which has been reconditioned by our plant, and from Area B, which has been shipped to us by a company on the west coast.
  7. The negotiating team will meet at 5:00 p.m., in the afternoon.
  8. It my belief and the belief of many of the workers that we will and should discontinue the quality line of sundry products.
  9. I have noticed that your staff has been late for work several times this month. Talk to them about company rules.
  10. Do not hand in your timesheets late.


II. Active Voice and Passive Voice


Instruction: Mark each sentence as active voice or passive voice. If the agent of the action is not the subject of the sentence, the sentence is passive. Change all passive voice sentences to the active voice. (Hint: There are 4 passive voice sentences.)

  1. The bulletin was distributed at 5:00 p.m. yesterday.
  2. The firefighters went door-to-door collecting for the children’s relief fund.
  3. Each year, assistance is provided by the tour groups in the area.
  4. The cost for the new products will be determined by supply and demand.
  5. The bill was passed unanimously by the senate.


III. Subjective and Biased Language

As a real estate agent, you recently received an inquiry for a potential home buyer asking for information on public high schools in the area. The client explained that the data would help him decide on where to buy property.

After researching public documents, you collected the following data and wrote the following letter to the client.

PS #1 PS #2 PS #3
Location – Rural Location – Suburbs Location – City
Number of Students -1500 Number of Students – 3500 Number of Students – 4000
Student/Teacher Ratio 20-1 Student/Teacher Ratio 25-1 Student/Teacher Ratio 30-1


Dear Mrs. Fox:

Regarding your request for information on the area public high schools, I have collected the following data. Public records show that that PS # 1 is located in the rural area of town. The school is approximately 30 miles from the closest shopping center and hospital. It is a small school, with a population of only 1500 students. However, its student/teacher ratio of 15-1 makes the learning ideal.

Public records show that PS #2 is located in the affluent suburbs of town. A greater number of 3500 students attend PS #2. Its student/teacher ratio of 25-1 still provides excellent instruction.

Public records show that PS #3 is located in the heart of the town’s city. The 3000 students who attend the school live within walking distance from the school. Although the student-teacher ratio of 30-1 may seem as though classrooms are overcrowded, each teacher has an assistant.

Thank you for your interest.



Salvador Fuller


Instructions: Identify subjective language and biased language. Rewrite the letter using objective language and eliminating biased language.



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