3 Introduction Assessments

#1.  Write a brief paragraph, telling

  • How will this technical writing courses apply to your future plans?
  • What do you think about online courses?
  • What are your expectations of courses without books?


#2.  After reading the Lecture, reading the Reading Selections, watching the PowerPoint, “Academic Writing versus Technical Writing, and watching the Videos (in the Supplemental Materials File), write a  short essay defining Technical Writing. Focus on Technical Writing’s purpose, format, and language;  audience; cultural considerations; and ethics. Your essay will be at least 200 words, written in a technical writing format.


#3. Look though the Modules in the Course Content link on the Menu, noticing the due dates and the types of assignments in each Unit.  Write a short essay (at least 200 words) detailing the types of assignments in each Module, the due dates of the assignments and your plan for completing the assignments. For example, when would you begin each Unit in order to complete of the assignments in the particular Unit by each due dates?


#4. Module 5 is a Research project. The entire module addresses one problem (the same problem).  You will learn how to investigate and solve a problem by researching the problem, reporting the data, and offering solutions.

The problem must be a practical problem, one in which you have a personal effect on solving.This is not a typical research paper, where you research an issue and simply report the research.  Therefore, so not choose issue on changing laws, war, drug usage, global warming. While these are important issues and you can certainly offer solutions, they are too broad for you to have a personal effect on their changing.  Again, your problem needs to be a practical problem, one in which you will  have a personal effect on changing.  The problem does not need to be a real problem. You can create a scenario and work from that.

E-mail me your problem by the second week of class so we can make sure it is narrow enough for you to collect first-hand data.


# 5. Read the syllabus and write an statement confirming that you understanding the syllabus and the policies and the grading criteria outlined in the syllabus. Conclude your Statement of Confirmation with a copy of the grading scale and the grading rationale for the course.

 Statement of Confidentiality is graded as 100% and counted as part of classwork.



Grading Rationale:

Assignments:  #1, #2, #3

Content addresses  assignment.  

35 out of 85

Word count. Word count is according to the required word count in each assignment.


    • Assignment #1 = 100 words,
    • Assignment #2 = 200 words.
    • Assignment #3 = 200 words.  

20 out of 85

Address each question/item in an easily accessed format. (Hint: Begin addressing each question/item by stating the question/item. Also bold the stated questions/items.) 

Assignment #2 must be written in a technical  format.    

20 out of 85

Language, punctuation, and sentence structure.

10 out of 85

End original post with a meaningful   question that relates to the assignment.

5 out of 5.

Reply to another post with a thoughtful reply that relates to the student’s post.   

5 out of 5

End reply with a meaningful question that relates to the student’s post.

5 out of 5



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