84 Written Assignment 2

Use the Chapter to help with these. Keep your answers brief and to the point.

1. What are the advantages of Europe’s natural environment for human habitation and economic development?

2. Why do people gravitate toward a nation-state structure as a political unit?

3. How possible is a demographic collapse (negative population growth) in Europe?

4. Describe the causes and consequences of the current immigration problem in Europe.

5. What are the consequences of the European Union’s global economic powerhouse status?

6. How do the demographic dynamics differ between northern Europe and southern Europe?What are the key factors that make Western Europe an economic core area of the world?

7. Why is there an increased level of cultural diversity in France and other parts of Western Europe?

8. Which of the states of Western Europe most resembles a nation-state? 

9. What are three of the problems associated with declining family size in Europe?

10. In two sentences, explain BREXIT. (Use the Web for this one) Good luck!

11. Of all the countries described in the Chapter, which would you most like to visit? Why?

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