90 Written Assignment 3

Use Chapter 3 to help with these. The Web can also be a useful resource.

1. Where are the best opportunities for agriculture in this region? Why are these the most favorable?

2. Siberia’s rivers flow north. How does this create a problem for development?

3. What are some of the difficulties in extracting Russia’s vast natural resources?

4. The U.S.S.R. was supposed to be bringing the world a better way of life; it also was a “superpower.” Why did it collapse?

5. How did the Cold War end? What leaders were in power in the United States and the Soviet Union when it ended?

6. What are some reasons for Russia’s population decline?

7. Why does it cost more to produce most everything in Russia?

8. Why did so many of the Soviet republics separate and become independent in 1991?

9. Why might some citizens in this region wish communism never ended?

10. Briefly compare the conditions for women today in Russia to the way they were in the Comminist Soviet Union.

11. Why do more people live on the smaller European side of Russia than the larger Asian side?

12. What makes the new countries of Transcaucasia potentially rich?

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