103 Written Assignment 6

Use Chapter 10 to help with these:

1. What are some of the environmental challenges facing East Asia?

2. What has the return of Hong Kong meant to China and to the people of Hong Kong?

3. The Chinese Communist Party is now pro- capitalism. Why this dramatic shift in philosophy?

4. Agricultural modernization has caused a flow of migrants to the cities of China. What are the consequences of this?

5. Why is envrionmental pollution such a huge problem for China?

6. What are the three main benefits of the Three Gorges Dam? What are three of the negative impacts?

7. Do you believe China’s population control policies are un-democratic and violate human rights? Explain.

8. Which region of China has the highest population density? Why do they live here rather than in other areas of China?

9. What is Tibet’s relationship with China? Why does China want or need Tibet?

10. Why is it that a US president or any cabinet-level US official cannot visit Taiwan but can visit Communist Beijing?

11. How has Japan overcome the limitations imposed by their natural resource base?

12. After Fukushima, what is the future for nuclear power in Japan?

13. How have the Japanese historically treated minority people?

14. How did South Korea develop such a robust economy with such a small physical area?

15. Why are thousands of US soldiers positioned on the Korean DMZ?

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