108 Written Assignment 7

Chapters 7 Questions

1 .What was the role of the Berlin Conference and why did that event create the myriad of problems this region faces today?

2. Where is the African Transition Zone? What are the main transitions that this zone represents?

3. How do physical geographic factors influence the distribution of population in Africa?

4. How did imperial powers in Africa cultivate their colonies’ dependence on the mother countries?

5. When did the colonies in Subsaharan Africa gain their independence?

6. What cultural and economic factors contribute to the high fertility rates in Sub-Saharan Africa?

7. Why are so many species of animals at risk of extinction in Africa?

8. What factors caused apartheid in South Africa to end?

9. How are the Subsaharan African countries continually isolated from their neighbors in the global economy?

10. Of the four regions of Subsaharan Africa, which has the greatest potential? Why?

11. How has Rwanda made a remarkable comeback from the ethnic genocides of the recent past?

12. How do the countries of Subsaharan Africa fit into the index of economic development model?

13. Why do diseases like AIDS and Ebola reach epidemic proportions in parts of Africa?

14. What are some of the obstacles in increasing tourism development in Subsaharan Africa?

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