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ANT 112 Exploring Non-Western Cultures

Course Description: Anthropological survey of non-Western cultures. Includes major terms and concepts used in sociocultural anthropology, research methods, and relevant theories of the field. Also includes major cultural characteristics of pre-colonial, non-Western, subsistence cultures; cross-cultural comparisons and contrasts with the post-colonial era; and considering a global context.

Prerequisite(s): WRT 101.

Information: Students will have writing assignments that require college level skills, and writing quality will be graded.

Key Dates

For class add, drop, and withdrawal dates, go to the “My Schedule” section of MyPima, found on the Students > Academics MyPima page. Additional semester Key Dates and Deadlines (https://www.pima.edu/calendars/key-dates-and-deadlines/index.html) are on the Calendarlink at the top of PCC webpages.

Expectation of coursework hours: Plan to spend at least 135 hours over 16 weeks on this course. This is the mandatory minimum of time for a 3-credit course. (9 hours a week)

Course Meeting Days/Time: Asynchronous

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Recognize major terms and concepts in sociocultural anthropology.
  2. Explain relevant methods and theories of the discipline.
  3. Identify major cultural characteristics of pre-colonial, non-Western, and subsistence cultures.
  4. Compare and contrast non-Western cultures in a post-colonial, global context.

Course Outline

  1. Major Terms and Concepts in Sociocultural Anthropology
    1. Major terms and concepts used in sociocultural anthropology
    2. Definition of culture
    3. The Non-Western versus Western dichotomy
  2. Research Methods and Theories of Sociocultural Anthropology
    1. Ethnographic methods
      1. Participant observation
      2. Interviewing
        1. Structured
        2. Unstructured
      3. Fieldwork in the electronic age
    2. Theoretical perspectives in sociocultural anthropology
  3. Pre-colonial, Non-Western, and Subsistence Cultures
    1. Characteristics of pre-colonial, Non-Western, and subsistence cultures
    2. Case studies
  4. Post-Colonial, Non-Western Cultures and the Global Context
    1. Characteristics of post-colonial, Non-Western cultures
    2. Cross-cultural comparisons and contrasts in the post-colonial era, in a global context
    3. Resistance and self-determination among post-colonial, non-Western cultures
    4. Case studies


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