17 Metaphysics – Assessments

4.1 Mind and Body Submission

Summarize Descartes’s personal journey from doubt to his belief in his existence as a thinking being with a physical body. 150-200 words.

4.1 Mind and Body Discussion

Do you think that if you had deeper technical understanding of the brain states associated with the pleasures of life (whatever they may be) your experience would be diminished (less pleasurable)? Enhanced? Would have no effect at all? Explain your reasons. What about unpleasant emotions or experiences (fear, anger), would a deeper understanding of your brain states be a help or a hindrance?

4.2 Do We Act Freely? Discussion

Consider the two positions we have studied at this point, D’Holbach’s determinism and James’ libertarian rejection of determinism. Do you think James’s reasons for rejecting determinism are convincing? Explain your response.

4.2 Do We Act Freely? Submission

Do you believe that free will is an illusion (that every choice could not be otherwise), or do you believe humans are capable of choosing freely? Explain your answer. (100-150 words)


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