31 Philosophy of Religion – Assessments

7.1 What is Religion? Submission

Briefly explain the difference between James’s and Armstrong’s views on the primary nature of the individuals’s religious experience. Do you find one or the other more compatible with your own views? Explain your opinion. Explain the main differences between James’s and Durkheim’s conceptions of religion. Do they share any common features? (100-150 words)

7.1 What is Religion? Discussion

Do you think religion is essentially about personal practice or more about group practice? Do you think generalizations about religion should be made cautiously, as suggested by Appiah? Why, or why not?

7.2 Does God Exist? Submission

Is any one of these classic arguments more compelling to you than the others? If so, explain why. If you find none of these arguments convincing, are you persuaded by the objections to them? Were your beliefs settled before reading this material? (100-150 words)

7.2 Does God Exist? Discussion

Do you find Hick’s theodicy a satisfying explanation for the existence of God, given the presence of evil? Explain why or why not. Do you think the existence of God is necessary for exerting the moral effort to become a more better person?


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