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Week 10: The Russian Revolution


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Points: 20

Remember your Group Dialogue is due week 12:

Now comes the fun part! Your research is completed and you and your group members will select two individuals who best represent the key positions of your topic. You may stick with the historical authors that I have already supplied in our primary source readings, or someone else. However, you must choose actual people (not composite characters) who lived during the era assigned, and who authored material that can be reliably attributed to them. You may even decide to choose a council, committee or society, as long as their collective opinion and authorship on your topic can be demonstrated.

Start writing. Construct a traditional dialogue after an opening paragraph introducing your two combatants. Set the scene and in this case, you are free to invent some (believable) facts.Since Pope Leo X and John Calvin never met, for example, but did take opposing positions on the Reformation, your group might decide to have them confront one another in a meeting in Rome, or write a series of disputatious letters or challenge each other via pamphlets. As long as your choice is historically appropriate, we can bend the actual record a bit. As always, if you need some helpful input, I am here as a group consultant.

The dialogue should be 2,000 words and accurately portray the position of each character as well as the complexity of the issues at hand. Try to employ the tone, vocabulary and style appropriate to the historical period and your historical individuals. Fairly represent their opinions, even if you don’t agree! Avoid vulgar language and insults unless you can justify its inclusion. Most of the dialogue should consist of the words, phrases and ideas you and your group develops; however, if you determine than a direct quote or two cannot be passed by, you may selectively use those words too. But, keep the direct quotes to a minimum, and remember, direct quotes must always be properly cited.

This will be the basis of your final project where the words you write here will be presented to the rest of your class, so be clear and write for an educated and curious audience, who will need some background and explanation to make sense of the interplay. Don’t be afraid to be dramatic and creative!

This assignment is worth 100 points.

Check the due dates carefully. All work is due at 11:55 P.M. on the due date. Due dates are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor who will inform the students via the News on the course Homepage.


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