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Week 6: Scientific and Industrial Revolutions of the 1600s and 1700s


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Remember your Group Bibliography is due in week 8:

In this assignment, you will work collaboratively with your group members. As you meet virtually or in person, be clear about which group member is expected to complete which task(s), and document your respective responsibilities. If there are issues later with unfulfilled assignments, I will need evidence to hold failing group members accountable.

This is the first work your group will take toward the final completed project: a presentation of a dialogue between two historical personalities representing an opinion in one of the major conflicts in Western Civilization:

  1. The Reformation [16th century]
  2. Witchcraft trials [16th and 17th century]
  3. Secular government [17th and 18th century]
  4. Evolutionary theory [19th and 20th century]
  5. Women’s Suffrage [19th and 20th century]
  6. Imperialism [18th and 19th century]
  7. The motive of Hitler’s anti-Semitism [20th and 21st century]

Each group will consult the two primary sources assigned for that topic. Then, begin to research in greater depth. What were the opinions, views, concepts and ideas expressed by Western thinkers on your groups’ topic? Who were the major players in the debate, and what were the big ideas expressed in the debate? Keep your research confined to the Western world and the time period associated with your group. Ultimately for your final presentation, you will be selecting two people from your original research who best demonstrate the conflicting beliefs of the time, so it is better to find a few strong and intelligent voices, rather than ten different opinions.

Write a 300 word, double-spaced paper listing your choices. You should have 3 to 5 people that your group has identified. For each person, relate the basic facts; when did they live?Where? What were their major books, articles? What position did they take on your topic?Did this position change over time? How influential were his/her ideas? Your paper will be accompanied by an annotated bibliography of at least 6 secondary academic sources in MLA format. This assignment is worth 60 points.

Check the due dates carefully. All work is due at 11:55 P.M. on the due date. Due dates are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor who will inform the students via the News on the course Homepage.


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