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Module 1: What Is Art?

Discussion Board analysis:

After reading the Purpose of Art section of your e-book, provide an example of art that you see or have seen in real life not from your e-book, and assign it to one of the purposes listed in the reading: Basic human instinct, Experience the mysterious, Communication, Art as entertainment, etc. There are 13 different purposes listed in the reading. Choose the best for your work art and tell us why you think it fits best into that category. You can upload a photograph or simply describe your chosen artwork. Make sure that you go back and post replies to at least two of your classmates’ threads.


Module 2: Elements of Art and Principles of Design

Discussion Board analysis:

After doing the reading and watching the videos (there are 7 short videos) on the Elements of art, write a short analysis of the image below using the appropriate elements (line, shape, etc…). Your writing should be a minimum of six sentences and a maximum of 15 sentences. This is a “post-first” Discussion Board which means that you must post your own thread before viewing others.


Japanese art print of people relaxing and playing games in a structure with views of the scene outside, which is a river, a small bridge, and more people.
Okumura Masanobu – Taking the Evening Cool by Ryōgoku Bridge


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