19 Auction Assignment

The purpose of this assignment:

  1. Add a title to a document
  2. Use the column feature to put text to columns
  3. Apply bullets to lists

Preparation (Review terms and readings)

    • Use Show/Hide key
    • Setting Margins
    • Select text
    • Attributes (Bold, Italic, Underline)

New Tasks (Terms are bolded in the steps)

  • Change case to all capital letters (Step 5, page 1)
  • Format Painter (Step 9, pager 1-2)
  • Two Columns with line between columns (Step 11, page 2
  • Delete a paragraph formatting character (Step 11e , page 2)
  • Column Break (Step 12, page 2)
  • Apply bullets (Step 13, pages 2-3)
  • Insert Symbol (Step 16, page 3)

Auction Assignment

  1. Download the Auction Form from the Blackboard Week 3 menu. Save the document as “Auction” (without the quotation marks) to your storage device.
  2. Place the cursor before the “A” of Auction on the first line of the document that was downloaded.
  3. Turn on the Show/Hide key.
  4. [ENTER] two times.
  5. Place the cursor on the first paragraph formatting character you just created and type the following: Auctions By We-Sell,You-Buy Auctioneers.
  6. Change case to all capital letters. Select the text to capitalize. In this case, select the entire phrase just typed. From the HOME tab, Font Group, find the character that looks like Capital letter “A” beside a lower letter “a”. Click on that icon. It is called the Change Case icon. Choose UPPERCASE. The entire phrase should quickly change to uppercase.
  7. Place the cursor before the G of the first city ‘ Governeur, NY.’ Click “B” for bold in the Font Group.
  8. Also underline Governeur, NY using the same technique put pressing “U.”
  9. Format Painter. Most word processing programs have a format painter which copies formatting from one word or phrase to another quickly without going through all the steps it took to do the initial formatting.
  • Select Governeur, NY that you formatted.
  • From the HOME tab, Clipboard Group, find Format Painter.
  • Click two times (double click) on the Format Painter.
  • As you move the cursor away from the icon, a paintbrush object should appear at the end of your mouse insertion point.
  • With that paint brush, “paint” or swipe over the next city and state – Ithaca, NY. It should change to the same formatting as Governeur.
  • Continue to paint (swipe) all the city, states including Vermontville, NY.
  • When done, click back on the Format Painter as if you were returning the brush to that location.

10. Select (highlight from Governeur all the way to the end of the list of Vermontville.
11. Columns. From the PAGE LAYOUT tab, find the Page Setup Group. Then find the icon called Columns.

  • Click on the down-facing arrow below columns and from the list of choices of columns choose More Columns.
  • In this dialog box, click two columns and click in the box to put a line between. (If you aren’t sure where this is located, please see the column section in the information labeled: Columns, Breaks, Bullets, Symbols, Numbers.)
  • Click OK.
  • If your Show/Hide key is on, you will see a line indicating a Section break Continuous at the top of the listings of auctions, and a Section Break Continuous line indicating the end of the columns.
  • Delete a paragraph formatting character. With the Show/Hide key on, there should be two paragraph formatting characters between each of the groups of auctions before each city/state listing. Remove one of the formatting characters from each group so that there is only one paragraph formatting character left between each city/state group groups. To do this, place the cursor insertion point before the character then press the DELETE key on the keyboard.

12. Column Break. Place your cursor in the second column on the paragraph formatting character after the word “horse.”

  • Click on PAGE LAYOUT tab, and from the Page SetUp Group find the word BREAK.
  • From the list that displays, in the top section called Page Break, click on Column.
  • The rest of the Renesselaer, NY list should now be at the bottom of the first column list.
  • Remove one paragraph formatting characters after the Reneselaer, NY list.
  • Remove the two paragraph formatting characters above the Dryden, NY list.

13. Bullets. Select the list from of items to be auctioned from the Governeur, NY list.

  • Select from Tools to and including Pans.
  • From the HOME tab, Paragraph Group, select the bullet icon. Choose a bullet of your choice and click on it.
  • Continue to have that list selected and double-click on the Format Painter.
  • Apply the formatting to the other four lists so that all auctions have some bulleted information.

14. After the Pull-toy – Dog in the Vermontville, NY list, [ENTER] twice.
15. Type in your name.
16. Insert symbols. From the INSERT tab, Symbols Group, click on More Symbols. Choose two symbols and insert them after your name.
17. Save this completed document to your storage device with the name Auction.

18. Submit the document through the Blackboard system.
19. If your teacher requires it, print this assignment.


Check the rubric below to be sure you have completed all the tasks.


Points Possible

Downloaded Auction document


Added a title that is spelled correctly


Changed title to upper case


Bolded every city/state


Used the Format Painter


Created two columns


Put in a column break before Dryden, NY


Created bullets on the items for auction


Inserted your name at the end of the document


Included two symbols following your name





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