12 Doe Business Letter Assignment

The purpose of this assignment:

  1. Format a business letter using correct spacing between letter parts
  2. Centering text, draw lines

Preparation (Review these terms and readings)

  • Terms from Windows Components
  • Opening a file and save it to a storage device
  • Selecting Text
  • Centering Text
  • Changing style to No Spacing
  • Inserting letter head followed by a solid line
  • Insert all parts of a formal business letter: date, inside address, salutation, closing, notations

Formatting a Formal Business Letter Information

New Terms (Terms are bolded in the steps)

  • Show/Hide button (Step 3, page 1-2)
  • AutoComplete (Step 4, page 2)
  • Spelling and Grammar Check (Step 9, page 2)

Doe Business Letter Assignment

  1. Download Doe Business Letter from Blackboard and save it to your storage device as Doe Letter.
  2. Select the entire letter and change the Style to No Spacing.
  3. Show/Hide button. The Show/Hide button is used to see paragraph markings to make it easier to see when you entered and when you spaced. These characters are non- formatting meaning that although they appear on your screen, when you print your document, these symbols do not show on the final print out.

a. The Show/Hide key is located from the HOME tab. Find the Paragraph Group. In the upper right corner of that group is something that looks like a backwards letter “P.” This is a toggle switch which means that if you press it one, you can also press it off when you don’t want to use it.

b. Press it on.
c. Notice the symbol after you entered after each item in your letterhead.
d. Referring to the Formatting a Formal Business Letter Information, the number of

[ENTERS] were indicated between parts of the business letter. You can see the symbols to make sure that you have [ENTERED] properly.

  1. Spelling and Grammar Check. As you look at the Doe Business Letter, you will notice some blue and some red lines. These are areas that the computer found.
    1. Blue lines. Blue lines indicate grammar or spacing errors. Because the Show/Hide button is on, you will see little dots between words. This indicates a space. If there are two dots or more the dots (or spaces) need to be deleted. If you double click your mouse right on the word, the computer may give you an idea what needs to be corrected. Or you can remove the spaces yourself.
    2. Red lines. Red lines indicate a spelling error. You can either correct the error yourself or you can right click your mouse on the error and the computer may give you an indication of what is wrong. If you like what the computer comes up with, click on the computer correction. It will automatically change in the body of the letter.
  2. There is another error in this letter and that is that the second paragraph was indented. Place your cursor before the word and press the backspace key to get the paragraph back to the margin.
  3. Create a business letter head (see Formal Business Letter Information sheet) using the following information: Kate Friend, 123 North Street, Omaha, NE 23560, Phone: (517) 362-09535, Email: KFrie@yahoo.com.
  4. Place a solid line under your letterhead
  5. Use the proper spacing after the solid line.
  6. AutoComplete. Instead of completely typing the date in, the computer may have an AutoComplete feature. To check if your computer has this feature, position your mouse where the date should be and type the first 3 or 4 letters of the month and press your spacebar once. The actual date should appear including the date and the year.
  7. If you do not have AutoComplete, insert the date correctly and space after it as indicated in Formatting a Formal Business Letter Information.
  8. Type in the following inside address in the appropriate position in the letter. Fred Strong, Customer Service, Commodities, 2635 Newal Street, Suite 5, Mexico, NY, 14327.Be sure to space correctly after the inside address.
  9. Put in an appropriate salutation and the correct spacing after.
  10. Check the body of the letter to be sure there are no spelling, grammar or spacing errors.
  11. Following the last paragraph, [ENTER] twice and complete the closing. Use Sincerely yours.
  12. Use Kate Doe’s name as the author. She does not have a title.
  13. Add your reference initials.
  14. Count how many enclosures indicated in the letter and make an Enclosure Notation.
  15. Resave the Doe Letter and submit it through Blackboard.
  16. If you are in a classroom, follow your instructors directions if this document should be printed.


Check the rubric below to be sure you have completed all the tasks.


Points Possible

Bolded name in letterhead


Letterhead centered


Inserted solid line


Inserted appropriate date


Checked appropriate spacing thought out the letter.(one point for each error up to 4 points)


Spell and grammar checked document


All paragraphs left aligned


Inserted closing correctly


Inserted reference initials


Inserted enclosure notation






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