26 Horse Breeds Table Assignment

The purpose of this assignment:

  1. Create a table
  2. Add information to a table
  3. Merge cells

Preparation. (Review these terms and readings)

  • Read Table Information

New terms (Terms are bolded in the steps)

  • Create a table (Step 1, page 1)
  • Selecting the entire table (Step 7, page 1)
  • AutoFit columns (Step 8, page 1)
  • Table Style (Step 10, page 2)
  • Insert a Footer (Step 11, page 2)

Horse Breeds Table Assignment

  1. Create a table. Create a 5 column 3 row table using the steps in the Table Information.
  2. Click the HOME tab, click the Show/Hide button (¶) in the paragraph group, type Breeds in the first cell in the first row, press [Tab], type Country of Origin press [Tab], Type Height in Hands, [Tab] Height in Inches. (Don’t be concerned if text wraps to the next line in the column.) The first row should look like the one below.
  1. Click Column 1, row 2 under “Breed”. Type Thoroughbred, in the next cell down, type Clydesdale, next Mustang, Lipizzan last Fiesian.
  2. Click in column 2 row 2 under Country of Origin. Type England, next row Scotland, next Spain, next Austria, and last Netherlands.
  3. Click in column 3, row 2 under Height in Hands. Type 15.2 – 17.0, next row 16-18, next 14-15, next 14.2 -15.2, last 15.3.
  4. Click in column 4, row 2 under Height in Inches. Type 62 – 68, next 64 – 72, next 56 – 60, next 58 -62, last 65.
  5. Select the Entire table. To select move the insertion point to the upper left corner of the table until a four headed arrow appears. Click on the four-headed arrow. The entire table is selected.
  6. AutoFit columns. When there is more information in one column and not as much in another, the columns can be adjusted using AutoFit.
  • Click on TABLE TOOLS toolbar and select the Layout tab,
  • Find the Cell Size Group.
  • Click the AutoFit button in the Cell Size group.
  • There should be three choices: Autofit Contents, AutoFit Windows, Autofit Fix Column Width.
  • Click Autofit Contents. Click the AutoFit button again, then click AutoFit Window. The width of the table columns is adjusted to fit the text and then the window.

9. Click the Select button in the Table group, click Select Table, click Align Center button in the Alignment group. Click Breeds in the table, click the Select button click Select Column, click the Align Center left button, then click the table to deselect the column. The text in the table is centered in each cell, and then the text in the first column is left-aligned.

10. Table Style. Click the TABLE TOOLS DESIGN tab, then click the More button in the Table Styles group. Scroll down the choices to find “List” Tables Group. On the second row, hover over the choices until you find List Table 3 – Accent 2 style. Save your changes.

11. Insert a Footer. Footer is information that can be inserted at the bottom of the page. This information will be on every page you type automatically. The name of this document is in a footer at the bottom of this page.

  • Click on INSERT tab, and find the Header & Footer group.
  • Click on Footer.
  • From the choices, choose Blank (three columns.)
  • At the bottom of the page, below a line is the footer.
  • Double click on the first “Type Here” on the left margin. Type your name in this position.
  • Double click on the second “Type Here” in the center. Type the word “Table” (without quotation marks.
  • Double click on the third “Type Here” on the right side. Type in today’s date.
  • When done exit the footer either by double clicking on the footer or click the red “X” at the top of the screen.

12. Submit your document through Blackboard.
13. If your instructor requires you to print this document, do so.


Check the rubric below to be sure you have completed all the tasks.


Points Possible

Set up table with 4 columns


Typed information in correct without spelling errors


Applied the AutoFit Contents and Window


Applied the AutoFit Window


Using the Select buttons, centered text in each cell


First Column is left aligned.


Used the specified Table style


Put name in a footer along with subject and date






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