27 Pie Chart Assignment

The purpose of this assignment:

  1. Adjust columns (without using AutoFit)
  2. Move the position of a table .
  3. Add style and color to a table.
  4. Use Cut/Copy/Paste to move information in a table.

Preparation (Review these terms and readings)

  • Read the Table Information document
  • Select the entire table.
  • Select column headings
  • Character Spacing (Travel for a Few Dollars Assignment, Week 3)
  • Cut/Copy/Paste

New terms (Terms are bolded in the Steps)

  • Adjust columns (without AutoFit) (Step 9, page 1-2)
  • Select a portion of a table. (Step 10, page 2)
  • Center the contents of a table Step 11, page 2)
  • Apply color to individual rows using Shading (Step 15, page 2-3)
  • Move the entire table (Step 16, page 3)

Pie Chart Assignment

  1. Download the Pie Chart file from the Blackboard Week 4 menu. Save the document as “Pie Chart” (without the quotation marks) to your storage device.
  2. Delete the first column.
  3. Add a row above the names of the pies
  4. Merge that row
  5. Insert the title Maryville Old Home Days
  6. Change the font of the title to Arial Black 16 pt.
  7. Center the title over the table.
  8. Select the four pie types and bold those titles.
  9. Adjust the columns. This is an alternative method instead of using Auto Fit.

a. Make sure the ruler is one (VIEW tab, Show Group, Ruler)

b. Click any place in the table.

c. Markings are shown on the ruler where the columns divide.

d. Place your insertion point on the ruler marker so that it is between the Strawberry/Rhubarb column and the Blueberry column.

e. Drag the marker to the right so that the whole name of the pie is on one row (not two lines in one row.

f. Place your insertion point between Blueberry and Raspberry columns and drag them to the left to make the column narrower. Make sure all the information stays on in a single row.

g. Adjust the Raspberry and the Pumpkins columns in the same manner.

h. The final result should look like the partial table below:









10. Using in the the Cut/Copy/Paste feature, move the name Rebecca from the Raspberry column to Erin Blueberry column (last name in that column). Move the name Erin to the spot that Rebecca’s name was in the Raspberry column

11. Select a portion of a table. Select all the names of the individual people (not the name of the


a. With your insertion point, click in the first column second row cell with the name “Jean.”

b. Click and hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the end of row 2 and down to the last name “Amy:” in the fourth column, fifth row.

c. Release the mouse. The names of the individual pie markers are highlighted. The column headings are not highlighted.

  1. Center contents of a table
    1. Once the portion of a table is selected (highlighted), click on the HOME tab, find the Paragraph Group, and then click on the Center Alignment icon.
    2. All the names should now be centered in their columns.
  2. Select the column headings. Bold them. Center them. Increase the font size to 14pt.
  3. Select the title. Use character spacing to spread the letters by 4 pts. (Hint: Week 3 Travel Document)
  4. Apply color to individual rows using Shading.

a. Select row 2 only in your table.

b. From the Table Tools toolbar, click on the Design tab.

c. Find the Table Styles group. Here you will see many pre-made color choice. Look to the right and find the icon “Shading.”

d. Choose any light color (so the words are still clear in the table) for this row.

e. Select Row 4 and choose another light color.

16. Move the entire table.

  1. Make sure the ruler is on (View, Show Group, Ruler)
  2. Click any place in the table.
  3. Move the insertion point to the upper left corner of the table until it resembles afour-headed arrow.
  4. Click the mouse. Release the mouse. The table is now highlighted.
  5. Click on the four-headed arrow once again and continue to hold down the left mousebutton.
  6. Position the table so that it has approximately equal side margins and is centered on the page. (Hint: you can see the entire table by clicking on the PRINT option. Adjust as necessary).
  7. At the top of the page, type your name and today’s date on two separate lines.
  8. Save this completed document to your storage device with the name Pie Chart.
  9. Submit the document through the Blackboard system. See the Overview 4 instructions on how to submit.
  10. If your teacher requires it, print this document.


Check the rubric below to be sure you have completed all tasks.


Possible Points

Delete a column


Add a row and a title


Change the font of the title


Column headings bolded


Columns adjusted properly


Names switched


Table contents centered


Color applied to two rows


Table moved to the center of the page


Name typed in the appropriate place






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