15 Sales Department Memorandum Assignment

The purpose of this assignment:

  1. Apply memorandum with appropriate guide words and spacing
  2. Use the Keyboard Tab key (different from the Tab for various files on the screen)
  3. Learn Attributes: bold, italic, underline
  4. Set Margins

Preparation (Review terms and readings)

    • Read Formatting Business Memorandums Information
    • Download a document
    • Use AutoFill for a current date
    • Attributes B I U (Bold, Italic, Underline)
    • Highlighting text
    • Use Show/Hide key
    • Spelling and Grammar check
    • Reference Helpful Terms for Word Processing in the Extra Help Folder

New Tasks (Terms are bolded in the steps)

    • Format the MEMORANDUM heading (Step 2, Page 1)
    • Insert guide words and using Tab key (Step 4, Page 2)
    • Find/Replace feature (Step 6-9, Page 2)
    • Move data (Step 10 Pages 2-3)
    • Cut, Copy. Paste (Step 10 b-c, Page 2)
    • Setting margins (Step 12 Page 3)

Sales Department Memorandum Assignment

  1. Download the document ‘Sales Department Memo file from Blackboard save it as Sales Dept to your storage device.
  2. Format the heading. Type the word “Memorandum” on the first line above the paragraphs from the downloaded file. Do not use the quotation marks.
  3. [ENTER] four times
  1. Insert guidewords and use TAB key. Using the information for creating guide words and using the tab key from the Fomatting Business Memorandum, create the following:TO: Sales Department
    FROM: (Use your own name, and choose a position title for yourself like CEO) DATE: Use AutoFill

    RE: Great Teamwork

  2. Enter the appropriate number of times before the paragraphs.
  3. Find/Replace feature. Please reference Helpful Terms for Word Processing in the Extra Help Folder for a more comprehensive definition of this feature. From the HOME tab, find the Editing group, usually to the far right of the ribbon.
  4. Find Feature. Click on the FIND feature and click on it. A Navigation panel appears on the right side of your screen asking for more information. In the box below the word “Navigation,” type in the word Department with or without capitalizing the first letter. The document you are in will show the word “Department” in yellow highlight. Count how many you see and just make a mental note of the number. (A task at Step 9 will use this information.)
  5. Replace Feature. Click on REPLACE feature in the Editing group. In the Find What box type “your company name” (without the quotation marks). (Note, you might have to replace the word “department” which may be in the box. In the Replace With box, type any name you want to give your company. Click on FIND NEXT tab at the bottom of the dialog box. Your cursor should go to the location of the phrase “your company name.” Next click REPLACE tab at the bottom of the dialog box. The name you typed in that box should replace your company name.
  6. Another Replace task. Click on the Replace feature. In the FIND WHAT box, type the word department. In the REPLACE WITH box, type team. Click Replace All tab at the bottom of the dialog box. It should indicate that the number of occurrences of “department” you counted in Step 7 are the same number of the exchanges that were made.

10. Move text. Move the last paragraph to the second paragraph position.

a. To move text, it first has to be selected. You learned about this in a previous lesson. Swipe the last paragraph.

b. Cut/Copy/Paste. Once selected, click HOME tab and find Cut in the Clipboard Group. (An alternative method is to right click on the highlighted material and use the shortcut menu to cut.).

c. The material will disappear from the screen. Place your cursor between the first and second paragraph. From the HOME tab find in the clipboard group the Paste feature. Click on it. (An alternative method is to right click your mouse and use the short cut menu to paste.)

d. Turn on the Show/Hide key from the HOME tab, paragraph group. Make sure you see three paragraphs with one paragraph formatting character between each one. If there are too many formatting character marks reduce the number by deleting extras, If there are not any formatting characters, add one.

  1. Near to the end of the first paragraph Bold and underline 1024.
  2. Setting Margins. Click PAGE LAYOUT tab and find the Page Set Up group. Click on Margins. From the choices, choose Wide. You can see your margin settings by clicking on PAGE LAYOUT tab, Page Setup group, Margins, the last item on the list – Custom margins. This displays the correct settings. The margin settings can be adjusted from this screen.
  3. Both spell check and grammar check the document.
  4. Save your work and submit it to the instructor through Blackboard. See Submit Instructions on the OVERVIEW sheet for this week.
  5. Print the document if your instructor requires a hard copy. (Week 1 Extra Help Folder on printing a document.)


Check the rubric below to be sure you have completed all the tasks.


Points Possible

Typed in the heading MEMORANDUM


Set up memo heading guide words


Spaced correctly between guide words and typed in information.


Used Find to discover the number of occurrences of “department”


Used Replace to change company name


Bolded and underlined 1024


Move last paragraph to second paragraph positon.


Adjusted spacing between paragraphs

Adjusted margins


Spell and grammar checked document for errors.





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