9 Simple Document Assignment

Simple Document Assignment

The purpose of this assignment:

1. Open a data file

2. Save a file to a storage device

3. Select text

4. Apply attributes and style

5. Re-save a document

6. Print a document (or know how to print a document if you are using Blackboard)


Preparation (Review these terms and readings)

  • Review Understanding Document Component (Terms)
  • Review Illustrated Window Components
  • Print or have access to The Basics Information (see Printing Instructions in the Extra Help Folder)

New Terms

The reference after each step references the item number on the Basics Information Sheet.) Refer to The Basics Information sheet for the following new tasks.

  • Open a file (a file that already contains information) (Item 1, Page 1)
  • SAVE AS a document or a file (Item 2, Pages 2-3) Backstage View discussed
  • Select text. (Item 3, Pages 3)
  • Apply Bold to text (Item 4, Page 3)
  • Delete Bold (Item 5, Pages 4)
  • Apply Underline to text (Item 6, Page 4)
  • Apply Italics to text (Item 7, Page 4)
  • Apply a style to text (Item 8, Page 4)
  • SAVE a document (Item 9, Pages 4-5)
  • PRINT a document (Item 10, Page 5)

Simple Document Assignment

1. Open a file. Open a file called “Simple Document” from the end of this assignment.

2. Save As a file. Save this document to your storage device with the same name: Simple Document.

3. Select text Select the first sentence in the first paragraph.

4. Apply Bold. Apply the Bold attribute to the first sentence.

5. Select text. Select the words in quotations.

6. Apply Underline. Underline “Amazing Vacuum Robot.”

7. Select text. Select the last sentence in the last paragraph.

8. Apply Italic. Apply italics to that sentence.

9. Apply a style. Select all the paragraphs. Click on No Space in the style gallery. The paragraphs appear to have “shrunk.”

10. Place your insertion point of your mouse after the period that follows the last two words in the last paragraph “future purchases.”

11. Press the [ENTER] key two times.

12. Type in your first and last name.

13. Re-save your document. Use the Quick Access toolbar icon for saving or by clicking File, Save As. When the dialog screen appears, check to be sure the file name is the same and then click SAVE.


Simple Document.docx


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