3 Introduction: Review of Basic Grammar


  1. Conjugate the verb and complete the following sentences adding a verb in the infinitive form so the sentences make sense.

Nosotros pensar…______________________________el Jueves

Yo necesitar… __________________________ _______a la biblioteca mañana

Teresa y Alberto/ir a______________________________________esta noche

  1. Write 3 sentences that include the verb ESTAR and one or more adjectives




III. Complete the following sentences with an expression with the verb TENER

  1. Yo_____________________________porque la temperature es 35 F
  2. Los estudiantes ______________________________porque tienen muchos


  1. Carla ___________________________de las arañas (spiders)
  2. Yo _______________________________porque el profesor habla mucho


  1.  What verbs do you remember?  Challenge yourself. See how many verbs you can

translate without  your book:

  1. To understand 2. to eat
  2.  To share 4. To write

5   To read 6.  To live

  1.  To lean8.  To buy
  2.  To arrive10. to travel
  3. To drink12. To need
  4. to sing14. To draw
  5. To listen16. To explain
  6. To walk18. To receive
  7. To run20. To teach


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