25 Metaphysics

Metaphysics Introduction

Metaphysics, as we have previously studied, asks the question, “What is really real?” It also covers topics about ways in which we can “be” in this world, the nature of persons, and even philosophical proofs for the existence of God.

In this module, we will be reading a myriad of sources about these fascinating topics as we search for understanding of the vast depth of perspectives of what seems to appear, at first, to be such a trite or obvious question. We will focus our attention on examining what constitutes the very nature of identity and personhood itself as a metaphysical entity. Does it exist? Who are we? What are we? Does the self actually exist for real? (1)

Some Important Definitions

What Is Ontology in Metaphysics?

Ontology seeks to answer questions pertaining to being and existence. What exists?

Belief that only physical things truly exist. Materialists claim (or promise) to explain every apparent instance of a mental phenomenon as a feature of some physical object. (38)
Belief that only mental entities are real, so that physical things exist only in the sense that they are perceived. (39)
Belief that mental things and physical things are fundamentally distinct kinds of entitiest. (40)


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