175 How to see your forum grade and my private post feedback

It is in your best interest to keep track of how you are doing in each discussion forum, and read my private feedback if you have submitted any “unacceptable” posts.

Here are the instructions for viewing the grading rubric.

  1. Click on the discussion forum link.
  2. click on the Grading Information button near the top of the window.
  3. On the right side, just before your current forum grade, click on the “squares” rubric icon.
  4. You may need to expand the new window to see the entire rubric.
  5. If you have submitted any unacceptable posts, read my feedback in the bottom row of the rubric.

What is an acceptable initial post / acceptable reply post?

  • The subject is a complete sentence (statement or question) which summarizes the main point of the message.
  • The message is accurate, relevant, documented as needed, and (for replies) teaches something new about the issue under discussion.

Forum rules:

  • For full credit, the initial post must be submitted within the first 3 days that the module is open.
  • 10 acceptable posts are required for full credit.
  • Students must post on 6 or more different days to earn full credit.


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