27 Course Schedule – Fall 2018

Marriage and the Family – Discussion and Assignment Due Dates 

I suggest that you print this page and keep it next to your computer for frequent reference.

The course opens several days before the first official day of class so that you can “poke around” and become familiar with the Course Information documents, Course Calander, and general layout of the course.  If you are new to online learning – or the Generals Online learning management system – you should complete the Open SUNY Student Orientation as soon as possible.  The link to the Student Orientation is on the Generals Online Home Page as well as your personal Generals Online Home Page.

Module Text Chapters Internet Resource Review Discussions Start – Initial Posts Due DIscussions End Blog Window
1 1 2 3 1 9/4  9/19 9/20-9/22
2 4 5 6 2  9/23  10/10 10/11-10/13
3 7 8 9 10 3  10/14 10/29 10/30-11/1
4 11 12 13 14 4 11/2  11/17  11/18-11/20
5 15 16 17 18 5  11/26 12/11 12/12-12/14
Culminating Activity Start Date:  12/15 End Date: 12/16
Course Grades Submitted: 12/17 –  9:00 AM


  1. It is essential to the pedagogy of this course that all students proceed through the learning activities according to this schedule.   
  2. Initial Posts: Submit 1 discussion question for each chapter and your Internet Resource Review on the first day for full credit. 
    1. Discussion posts submitted before the start date will be deleted. 
    2. Discussion posts submitted after the end date are welcome but will not be graded.
  3. Submit your Reflective Blog on the first day of the Blog Window for full credit. Do not submit your Reflective Blog early.
  4. Important “Rules to Remember”
    1. Cardinal Rule #1:  Every post to a discussion forum must teach us something new and relevant.
    2. Cardinal Rule #2:  The subject of your post must be a full sentence that summarizes the main point of your message.
    3. For full credit, post to each forum on at least 10 different days and submit a minimum of 10 acceptable reply posts to each forum.
    4. Spread your discussion posts out over the entire module, and don’t submit more than 3 posts to any forum on the same day.

No course activity is required on the following days:  10/8, 10/9, 11/21-11/25


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