3 Unit 1 Assignments

Module 3: Critical Annotations

Annotation of Home Burial

See Annotation and YouHow to Annotate and follow the steps to submit an annotation of “Home Burial” by Robert Frost. You can annotate it by hand and submit photos of it to this dropbox for credit. Alternatively, if you are tech savvy you can annotate it using Google Drive / Microsoft word or another program and submit it as a pdf.

Module 4: Close Reading

Close reading of “Home Burial”

For this assignment, you will build off your annotation of “Home Burial” you will use the Steps to Perform a close reading in An Introduction to Close Reading to put all of your ideas together in a series of short paragraphs. Your guiding questions will be, What is the theme? How does the speaker relate to the theme? How does the figurative language used in this support the theme? How about the tone? Diction?


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