7 Week 3 Overview

This week you have three assignments. The first is divided into two parts called Payroll Report. In the first part of this assignment you will be computing Regular Wages, Overtime Wages, and Gross Pay. After totals are completed, you will move to the second portion. In this section you will be using your knowledge of Absolute Referencing learned the previous week to determine a “What If” situation regarding a pay raise.

The second and third assignments introduce you to the PMT function that is useful when determine how much interest you will pay on a loan. It is a useful function if you need a student loan, purchase a new car or plan to buy a house.

The second assignment called Advantage Loan is presented in a step by step instructions with full explanations.

The third assignment called Graphic Loans assumes you understand how to calculate Monthly payments, Total Payments and Total Interested introduced in the Advantage Loan assignment. No new concepts are given in this assignment.

Learning Outcomes: The student will:

  • Calculate the overtime pay rate
  • Calculate wages for regular and overtime pay
  • Understand how to use conditional formatting to enhance the readability of the spreadsheet
  • Understand the arithmetic functions and the Order of Precedence.


  1. Payroll Assignment. Using calculations to determine wages, you will also be starting a new sheet, labeling it and use the Absolute Referencing to complete a What If? Scenario. There are two sections to this assignment. (25 points)
  2. Advantage Loan Assignment. This assignment introduces the PMT function which can be used on any loan. (15 points)
  3. Graphic Loan Assignment. This assignment reinforces what you learned in the Advantage Loans assignment. ( 15 points)

Submitting your Work:

  1. When completing each task, make sure to save your document to the desktop or your personal storage unit (memory stick, jump drive, etc.)
  2. Click on the underlined word(s) at the top of each assignment. An “email-like” format appears with the number of points possible in the upper left corner.
  3. Find a box “Browse My Computer.” Click on that and find your saved document.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. For additional help, please see the EXTRA HELP folder in the CONTENT area called “How to Submit Your Work.


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