5 1.3 Chapter Exercises

End-of-Chapter Assessment

  1. José is a widely sought-after speaker on the topic of environmental pollution. He’s written numerous books on the topic and is always seen as the “go-to” guy by news channels when the topic surfaces. What is José?
    1. thought leader
    2. innovator
    3. business strategist
    4. rhetorical expert
    5. intellectual capitalist
  2. Fatima is getting ready for a speech she is delivering to the United Nations. She realizes that there are a range of relationships among her various audience members. Furthermore, the United Nations has a variety of norms that are specific to that context. Which of DeVito’s (2009) four aspects of communication context is Fatima concerned with?
    1. physical
    2. temporal
    3. social-psychological
    4. cultural
    5. rhetorical

Answer Key

  1. a
  2. c


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