Congratulations, you are the new AMERICAN AMBASSADOR to the country that you have selected.  As part of your responsibilities you are to prepare a report for the Department of State (to be submitted through me) which will provide an overview of the people and places of your country.  Learning about a country involves a treasure hunt throughout the library and elsewhere.  You can’t just go to the internet and look up your country.  The materials are scattered across a wide range of topics.  Consult atlases, books, journals, magazines, government documents, travel agencies, reference materials, maps, newspapers, Internet, computer programs, etc.  You will have to be very creative in order to prepare a quality report (which is expected).  I have not given you a list of sources because I believe that discovery is an important part of the process of learning.  Your report may include, but not be limited to, the following topics (no need to have everything included; That would produce a book or major movie):

Relative location and size of your country (compare with a state in the United States).

A description of the climate of your country.

An overview of the topography.

Vegetation and wildlife patterns.

Major mountains and rivers.

Major cities.

Population pattern (numbers, ages, density, history).

Brief history of your country.

Birth rate and death rate and population doubling time.

Infant mortality rate and life expectancy at birth.

Percent of population living in rural areas.

What are the principal agricultural crops?

What is the level of education in your country?

What is the per capital income?

What is your crime rate?  How does it compare with the U.S.?

Does your country have gun control?  What type?

Who is the head of state (President, King, Ruler)?

What form of government does your country have?

Who is your country’s Ambassador to the United States?

When was the last war in your country?

What countries are your neighbors and friends?

Who might your enemies be?

Describe the military (troops, equipment, spending).

Are the people happy (how do you define happiness)?

What are some current events in your country?

How is your country different from America?

In what ways is it similar to America?

How are Americans viewed in your country?

What are the major religions in your country?

Describe the various ethnic groups in your country.

What languages are spoken in your country?

What is the status of women in your country?

If I were to travel to your country, what would be some major tourist sites?

What are some major industries of your country?

What products does the U.S. import from your country?

What products does your country import from the U.S.?

What does the economic and political future of your country look like?

What are the best aspects of your country (assume that you are trying to “sell” your country to tourists)?

What are the worst aspects of your country (what would you want to “hide” from the tourists?)

What are some of the foods eaten in your country?

Who are the popular artists and authors?

What kind of music do the citizens listen to?

What can we learn from the culture of your country?

What do you like most about living in this country?  Least?

Anything else of interest to report?

The Report:  The report should reflect what you have learned about the process of gathering information about a country.  It should be clear, organized, professional, and demonstrate your creativity.  Sources should be cited and a bibliography is expected.  If you have any questions please talk to me.  Your Report is due by the last week of classes


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