5 El Alfabeto Español

Spanish Alphabet

letter pronunciation example meaning
A a a arriba up
B b be barca boat
C c ce carretera road/highway
D d de ducha shower/bath
E e e empanada a savory filled pastry
F f efe falda skirt
G g ge gata cat
H h hache hermana sister
I i i isla island
J j jota jamón ham
K k* ka kilómetro kilometer
L l ele lejos far
M m eme mano hand
N n ene nariz nose
Ñ ñ eñe niña girl
O o o ojo eye
P p pe pan bread
Q q cu qué who
R r ere rey king
S s ese sobre over
T t te tienda store
U u u unidad unity
V v ve vaca cow
W w* uve doble (only foreign words, pronunciation varies)
watt (pronounced like bat)
kiwi (pronounced like quihui)
X x equis xilófono xylophone
Y y i griega ya already
Z z zeta zapata shoe
Spanish has three digraphs. At one point they were considered separate letters, but no longer are, and are now alphabetized normally.
Ch ch chicle chewing gum
Ll ll llave key
Rr rr perro dog
*Although K and W are officially in the Spanish alphabet, there are few words that use the letters, and they are primarily of foreign origin.


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