55 5 Senses Activity

Time: 45-50 minutes

Materials needed:

  • some type of wrapped candy (I use Hershey kisses)
  • Sensory Details handout
  1. Write on the board the following:
    Looks like Feels like Sounds like Smells like Tastes like
  2. Go over the sensory details handout.
  3. Give each student a piece of candy and tell them not to touch it. First, ask them what it looks like. Encourage them to use comparisons. Write their observations on the board under the  appropriate column.
  4. Then, have them pick up the candy and feel it and describe it. Write the descriptions under the column.
  5. Do this for each category. For sounds like, have them unwrap it and tell you what it sounds like. Then they can smell and then eat it.


A handout of this resource is available here.


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