15 14. Sample Class Schedule

The following schedule would be for a class that meets once a week for approximately three hours.

Week 1

  • In-class Writing: Freewrite Assignment – What is personal writing? What is academic writing? (Workshop)
  • Introductions to each other and class content
  • In-class Writing: Point of View Writing Exercise (Workshop)

Week 2

  • Writing Due: Memory Assignment (Workshop)
  • In-class writing activity: Writing About the Classroom Exercise

Week 3

  • Writing Due: Self as a Character Assignment (Workshop)

Week 4

  • Writing Due: The Deep Observation Assignment (Workshop)

Week 5

  • Writing Due: Essay #1 Draft Memory/Character Essay (Peer Reviews)

Week 6

  • In-Class Writing: Describing a Room That is Not Your Own Exercise

Week 7

  • Writing Due: Essay #1 Final Memory/Character Essay (Workshop)

Week 8

  • Writing Due: Choosing a Topic Assignment – Autoethnography

Week 9

  • Writing Due: Essay #2 Draft The Space or Event Essay (Peer Reviews)

Week 10

  • Writing Due: Show and Tell Assignment (Workshop)

Week 11

  • Writing Due: Essay #2 Final The Space of Event Essay (Workshop)

Week 12

  • Writing Due: Conducting Interviews Assignment (Workshop)

Week 13

  • Writing Due: Observation Assignment (Workshop)

Week 14

  • Writing Due: Autoethnography Draft (Peer Review)

Week 15

  • Writing Due: Autoethnography Final (Class Presentations)


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