Memory Assignment: Six Examples


Briefly describe a memory that is important to you. Try to avoid explaining why the memory is important and focus on showing the importance of the memory. Use your five senses, and include dialogue, if possible.


Student Samples

These assignments are single drafts. This means that students did not revise these pieces. Rather, they turned them in as practice assignments for larger essays.

Because of the narrative nature of this assignment, although they are first drafts, they are quite strong.

Zachary reflects on his time as part of his high school crew team.

Joomi reflects on her experiences as a self-described “fangirl.”

Will reflects on a small experience with a regular customer as his supermarket job.

Emma reflects on waking up from major back surgery.

Justine reflects on an injustice experienced by her fast food coworker.

Hannah uses humor to reflect on having shy bladder syndrome.



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