74 Instructions for Writing Lab #3

 When you submit work, click on WRITE SUBMISSION button.  DO NOT submit in the COMMENTS section.

Go back and click on your narrative essay that you submitted to SafeAssign.  You will see my comments and corrections throughout your essay.  PAY ATTENTION, also, to the additional summary comments I wrote to you.  EVERYONE should have my detailed comments on this original piece.  If you somehow missed doing this narrative, then look at the first piece of graded writing (essay/paper) for Module #1 on the Writing Process.  I’ll be asking you to continue working on any writing weaknesses in EACH Writing Lab.

For your Writing Lab, choose FIVE of the errors  from your writing.  For each one, rewrite the sentence where the error is, and EXPLAIN what you did wrong.  Try to choose errors that are important–not just typos.  You can click on the comment on SafeAssign and see the explanation, or see my own comments to you.

When you have finished, submit your work to the WRITING LAB dropbox.

This is worth 100 points.


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