51 Action Plan Assignment

Purpose: For the action plan assignment, we will learn about sociological concepts and practice critical thinking and inter-cultural appreciation by thinking about contemporary social problems and suggesting practical solutions to them.
In this assignment, you can suggest a social action plan that, in your opinion, would help combat social inequalities in our society. Your action plan can focus on different aspects of social inequality: racial and ethnic inequality, gender inequality, age groups-related inequality, social class differences or any other social stratification divisions that exist in our society. Your plan can involve any social institution that might be related to the social inequality that you chose: the family, the education system, the mass media, the government, the economic system, the army/police, etc.


This essay will require you to do research and cite sources. You will be required to cite a minimum of two sources in an APA format. The sociology textbook can count as one of your sources.

Make sure that you are answering the following questions in your essay:

* What action do suggest to interrupt or combat Social inequality?
* What resources or materials (people, space, information, etc.), if any, would you need to achieve your goal?
* What behaviors or steps on your part would taking this action entail?
* What obstacles might you encounter? What could you do to reduce or overcome these obstacles?
* How can you measure/evaluate your success?


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