139 Assignment: Why Nazis?

It seems odd that a crazy, bloodthirsty regime like the Nazis could ever come to power in an educated, cultured and civilized nation like Germany. Why did so many Germans support the Nazi Party?

After reading the Nazi Party Program, the party’s blueprint for Germany (created in the early 1920s) and write a short paragraph that answers the following:

  1. Of the 25 points, how many seem quite reasonable (keeping in mind how Germany was treated at the end of WWI), how many are flat out bad ideas, and how many are a mix?  I want you to give me specific numbers (“I think X are reasonable, Y are bad, and Z are a mix). Be honest; if you aren’t honest then the real point of this assignment will be lost.
  2. For the points that are reasonable or a mix, what makes them so? Explain in general why you decided which points are good, bad, or a mix.
  3. Which category had the most in it? Now ask again, why did so many people support the Nazi Party?


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