3 Discussion Question Rubric

Rubric: Discussion Forum Posts


Levels of Achievement





Original Thread and 2 replies (at a minimum) are submitted on time. Etiquette and protocol are followed.

Duplicate question posted.  Full credit given to student with original placeholder post presented at the earlier publish date. No credit for post student posting second. Will receive credit for replies.

Post is late or replies are late.

Full Credit

Half Credit

No credit given to late portion.


Content includes all requirements identified in forum instructions.  Content and all work is in the correct format and accurate.

Content is only partially inclusive of requirements. Minor errors in content may be present. Work may not be shown in correct format.

Content does not focus on requirements.

10 Points

10 Points

5 Points

3 Points


Examples were included, typed out and work was shown.  Examples are shown using the correct format and were both relevant and accurate.

Examples were included but may have had mistakes or been from the incorrect category.  Work may not have been complete or in incorrect format.

No examples were included.

6 Points

6 Points

3 Point

0 Points

Use of Language

Writing is well organized, mechanical elements are error free (grammar, spelling and punctuation)

Writing is somewhat organized with some (minor) mechanical errors.

Writing is not organized or unified. Errors impair communication

6 Points

6 Points

3 Points

1 Point

Replies, Interactions

Replied to two or more other students and replies draw upon original threaded prompts to validate position. Discussion/responses had depth and related personal experiences or content covered in this unit of instruction. Include work, logic and answer for sample questions in both replies.

Replied to a minimum of two other students and discussion/responses are somewhat in depth, related to personal experiences or related to prompts in original thread. Questions may have been included but no work was shown or answer was not given for 1 or both replies.

Replied to a minimum of two students with no illustration of understanding of content (example “I agree” simple statements with no support).

8 Points

8 Points

5 Points

2 Points


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