59 Rubric: Last Poem

Rubric: Last Poem

Score Comments
Poetic Voice

  • Consistently in first-person or third-person point of view
  • Written as an ekphrastic, found, or list poem

  • Vivid images
  • Uses senses: sight, taste, touch, sound, smell
  • Shows does not tell
 Word Choice

  • Specific nouns
  • Action verbs
  • Does not use unnecessary words: very, really, always, gotten
 Line Breaks

  • Occurs at the end of a statement
  • Occurs at the end of a phrase
  • Occurs where there is punctuation
  • Unless enjambment is deliberately chosen

  • Correctly follows conventional rules
  • Punctuation enhances the images and thought

  • Single-spaced
  • One white space between stanzas
  • Left-justified rather than centered
  • Title included
  • Name heading
  • 1″ margins

Score: ______

Grade: ______


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