58 Presentation Software

No discussion of visual aids would be complete without mentioning presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Programs like PowerPoint allow you to use a combination of graphics, text, animations, and sounds to create and organize your presentation. These programs typically have existing templates, backgrounds, and even a “wizard ” to help you quickly create dynamic presentations. You can add various effects to the way the pages are presented and can animate many of the elements on the page. You can also add audio or video content to your presentation.

The use of a presentation tool, however, should never be a substitute for a well-informed speaker making a personal connection with the audience. Some inexperienced speakers place their entire outline on the screen and essentially read to the audience. The visual aid does not replace the speaker. Some speakers have become paralyzed without a presentation tool because of their dependence on it. A presentation tool is not always necessary; your judgment is more important than the visual aid.


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