11 Character Analysis


Create a poster or Facebook page or video (or other creative response) to introduce your character. Be sure to give a thorough picture of who he/she is, and do so in a way that presents him/her in a smart and creative way.


1. Choose your character.

Be sure to select a dynamic character from any of the readings in units 1 or 2.

2. Read and re-read the story, taking notes about the character.

Notice every place your character appears and consider how the author describes him/her, what kind of relationships he/she has, how his/her actions move the plot forward, and what kind of struggles he/she encounters.

3. Choose the main idea.

Gather your notes and look for the main idea that has emerged. This will become your thesis statement.

4. Sketch a plan.

Consider the best way to introduce your character to your audience based on your thesis statement.

5. Create the poster, Facebook page, or video.

Carefully craft your presentation.


Your project will be graded on the following criteria:

25 points: Drafts material

Have you taken notes, written out a thesis statement and a plan? (And has it been turned in?)

5 points: Choice of character

Have you chosen a character that is dynamic (i.e., does he/s she change)? Does the story reveal adequate information about the character (i.e., is there evidence for your claims)?

15 points: Thesis statement

Do you have a clear message that you want to communicate about this character?

35 points: Implementation

Have you been able to communicate that message using evidence from the story?

10 points: Creative energy

Have you demonstrated interest in the project by coming up with creative ways to communicate your message?

10 points: Professionalism

Does the product have a good look/feel and is it free of errors?


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